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Boat and Gear Rental

Day Rentals

Long Term Rentals

We can deliver and pick up your kayaks and canoes at your starting or finishing points if you are unable to transport them

Getting you on the Water



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What We Have

Tripping Canoes

  • 2+ persons

  • >16 feet


Rec Single:

  • either sit-on-top or sit-in.

  • Short kayaks 10' - 12' with no rudder or skeg 

  • For casual paddling close to shore 


Plastic Single:

  • 13' to 17' sea kayaks with

  • at least one hatch and a rudder or skeg.

  • < 14' are perfect for a day trip

  • 16' - 18' suitable for multi-day expeditions.


Glass Single:

  • Full size fibreglass touring sea kayaks

  • with rudders or skegs

  • 2 or 3 hatches. 


Standard Double:

  • 2-person double kayak

  • with a rudder

  • at least 1 hatch.


3-Hatch Double:

  • Full size fibreglass touring double kayak

  • with a centre hatch for additional storage

  • Some models can accommodate a child or pet in the centre.


Kayak and Canoe Transportation


Longevity and quality of kayaks and canoes depends heavily on how well they are cared for, especially during transport. For a safe drive and appropriate equipment protection we require roof racks on your car. If you do not have your own roof rack - no worries, we will supply and install one for free! 


There are two options for a roof rack, which will depend on your vehicle and roof type:

1. For a naked or flush rail roof - Malone VersaRail 
2. For a raised rail roof - Yakima Timberline

* can carry 2 singles or 1 double kayak or 1 Canoe


* can carry 3 singles or 2 double kayak or 1 Canoe


If you have a truck your rack needs to resemble the picture on the left

Please contact us if you have a canopy over the truck box without crossbars attached.

Also, we supply foam blocks & straps for all rentals.  Fibreglass kayaks and double kayaks can only be transported on padded roof racks. 

Kayak and Canoe Delivery


Don't have a vehicle or not comfortable using your own vehicle for transportation? No problem, we've got you covered here too! Delivery directly to your launch place is an option both locally and long distance.


For more information contact

Other Rental Items

Canoe Cart

Paddle Only


Per Day


15% discount with canoe rental



For Cancellation Policies 

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