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Being a proud dealer of both Wenonah and Clipper Canoes we carry canoes of any kind for every kind of travels. For solo travellers, family, ocean journeys - we have it all! Call us or visit a shop to talk to our professionals about an ideal canoe for your needs.



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For one person travels

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For 2 adults and longer trips

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Day Trippers

For short and fun sessions not far from shore

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Big Canoes

Ocean paddling, longer trips with lots of gear and 2+1 people

Clipper Canoes are made in Abbotsford, British Columbia by Western Canoeing Manufacturing Inc. parent company. Founded in 1976, they are leaders in canoeing industry with over 40 models of canoes available for ordering and customization. 

We love being their partners and carry such beautiful canoes!


Choose your canoe and get a quote for custom features!




The Solitude provides versatility for a wide range of solo paddlers. As with all Jensen designed canoes, it is fast and tracks well. It is harder to turn than the Packer but responds well when leaned.

The seat is adjustable fore and aft, allowing for adjustments to the canoe’s trim. The paddler is also able to adjust the height of the seat. The lowest setting naturally provides the most stability, and is recommended for novice use.

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The Packer is a delight to paddle. Its responsiveness will invite you to paddle even when you don’t have a destination in mind. The Packer is designed for the paddler to sit. With an adjustable footbrace and plastic molded tractor-style seat the need for a kneeling paddling position is eliminated – your knees and back will thank you.

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Versatile, fast, stable, and comfortable. The Tripper was first introduced in the spring of 1983. In its first year of production, the Tripper became Clipper’s most popular model and has remained the number one canoe of choice for paddlers in the Northwest.

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Tripper S

 Smaller version of the Tripper that also performs as an excellent solo canoe – the Tripper ‘S’.

The Tripper ‘S’ is 16’6″ with a four-inch waterline width of 31.5″ (versus 33″ in the Tripper). The canoe is asymmetrical with noticeable tumblehome that starts in front of the yoke and increases significantly towards the stern thwart. 

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Prospector 16

The 16′ Clipper Prospector is one of a series of traditional-style Prospector canoes offered by Clipper Canoes. All three Clipper Prospector models share the same characteristics of classic design, grace on the water, and maneuverability.

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The Cascade is ideal for a family with young children and performs well as a wilderness tripping canoe (the Cascade has been paddled down the Nahanni River). It is one of our most stable choices for paddling enthusiasts who require great initial stability. The Cascade is a first choice for paddlers requiring maximum stability in a canoe. It’s great for families with dogs as well as kids. 

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Day Trippers

Day Trippers


The Scout has an overall length of 15’10″ and is one of the most stable canoes in the Clipper line. It can be easily paddled solo when ordered with an optional bench seat in the bow. At a weight of only 58 lbs in fiberglass, the Scout is ideal for portaging and is easy to load on and off your vehicle.

The Scout tracks exceptionally well for a canoe of its length and cruises with an ease reminiscent of much longer canoes. The Scout is great for day tours or short camping trips and for the sportsman requiring excellent stability in a light-weight canoe. It is so light that you can hike it into that remote lake for fly fishing.

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The Escape is great for fishing, photography or bird watching. The comfortable seats allow paddlers to sit instead of kneel. It has a near vertical bow and stern to aid in tracking. The Escape’s short length allows it to maneuver easily in tight spots. Its light weight and short length make the Escape easy to load and transport on the smallest of vehicles and is easy to load and transport on the top of 5th wheel trailers.

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Big Canoes

Big Canoes

Sea Clipper

The Sea Clipper was designed exclusively for Clipper Canoes by Eugene Jensen. Wilderness tripping and ocean canoeing were the driving force behind this design. The length and freeboard of the Sea Clipper make it ideal for large lakes and ocean touring. The bow helps keep the Sea Clipper tracking straight while the rocker and full stern provide control.

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18’6 MacKenzie

For unbelievable performance in a large capacity touring canoe, try the 18’6″ MacKenzie. Load it up with camping gear, the kids and the dog – and you’re set for a wilderness adventure.

The 18’6″ MacKenzie is great for fishermen and hunters who require a canoe to carry large loads and offers excellent stability and performance. The 18’6″ MacKenzie will carry 1400 lbs with 7″ of freeboard. 

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We have more! Stay in Touch!

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